MicroSlim LED Headlight (H11 & 9005, High & Low Beam)

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Low Beam & High Beam or Low Beam & Fog Light for F-150 (2015-2017) (2 KITS)

Introduction: The MicroSlim LED Headlight kit is becoming the most popular LED Headlight option available very quickly due to a variety of reasons. The biggest reason is due to its low profile design that enables them to be installed properly without any modification to the headlight housings. Many newer vehicles have increasingly less room behind the headlight bulb making most LED Headlight kits out there a hassle to install without cutting up the headlight housings on your new vehicle! The second reason for their popularity is because between the LED Chip that emits light from all 5 sides, the ultra-thin 3.65mm lamppost, and the eight possible adjustment points. This LED Headlight Kit better replicates the light output pattern of the original halogen bulb better than any LED kit before it!

Don't Mistake: Don't mistake the MircoSlims kit for Micro output. The MicroSlim kit boasts a great output of 3000 Lumens of ACTUAL LIGHT OUTPUT Per Bulb (Don't confuse this rating with other sellers claiming unfeasible outputs of 15,000 lumens or sometimes even more ridiculous claims!!

Installing: The MicroSlim LED Headlight kit is absolutely the most universal LED Headlight kit available. With headlights that have the headlight bulb inside the housing with rubber or plastic cap behind it, the MicroSlim easily installs by simply inserting the bulb into the socket, plugging the other end into the stock plug, re-insert the cap and you're done!!

Materials: In an industry where the quality of LED kits varies so greatly, the MicroSlim LED kit only uses the best materials in order to achieve perfect thermal management. It does this by combining the use of the red copper heat pipe inside the shell that is made with 6063 Aluminum, all cooled by the Waterproof Turbo-Fan which will keep the LED much cooler than any LED kit with a Non-Fan cooling method, meaning increased lifespan for your kit!

  • Output 3000LM actual output (per bulb) Compare to a 35W HID
  • Seoul Y22 LED Chip
  • Adjustable Focus, Eight focus point adjustments 
  • 6000K color temperature
  • Housing Type OK for use in all types of housings
  • Molded Plug Fits perfectly into factory connectors
  • Current Draw 4.5+-2.0A @ 12V
  • Driver 8-32V constant current driver
  • Voltage 8V minimum operating voltage
  • Waterproof Driver and connectors level IP68
  • Lifespan More than 30,000 hrs in 25°C ambient
  • Color Silver 
  • Material Aviation Aluminum and Red Copper
  • Certificate CE, RoHS
  • Quantity 4 Pieces