RED Brake Lights Set of (4) 7443 (With Resistors)

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Puts an end to LED Hyper-Flash!

Hyper-Flash is when a bulb flashes rapidly due to the vehicles computer system sensing that a bulb is out due to a lack of resistance. Our Lumenex Brake/Rear Blinker set has a built in CANBUS function that prevents this from happening. However, incase it is not applicable on your vehicle we also include a pair of 50ohm resistors just in case.

Lumenex's goal is to provide an easy, straight forward Plug & Play experience and they've kept the tradition going with their new Brake Light set!

Applications in which the Lumenex Brake Light/ Rear Blinker set works

  1. Vehicles in which the rear running light, brake light and blinker all function within one bulb
  2. Vehicles in which the rear running light and blinker function within one bulb

Reasons to upgrade your Brake Lights/ Rear Blinkers

These bulbs put out a staggering 1000 Lumens of light (Per Bulb) which drastically increases the visibility of both your rear running lights and brake lights. (450 Lumens for running light) (1000 Lumens for Brake Light/Blinker) These bulbs could quite honestly be brighter than you need your brake light to be. We guarantee you WILL NOT be disappointed in the output of these bulbs.

  1. You get the added benefit of the immediate illumination. LEDs illuminate to 100% brightness IMMEDIATELY as soon as they receive power. Traditional halogen bulbs don't do this (it takes about a second). What this means is the initial response of the driver behind your seeing your brake lights is going to happen that much quicker. Which can really make a difference when traveling at speeds of 60 mph+.
  2. It makes your Running Light/ Brake Light a TRUE Red Color. The stock halogen bulb is a yellowish bulb behind a red plastic lens. After installing these you had a RED LED bulb behind a red plastic lens. This creates a true modern red appearance.


We've incased the bulbs in a chrome housing so that the bulb blends right in with the reflective housing inside of the brake light housing. This way you don't have the unsightly look of an aftermarket bulb in your brake light housing. It retains the stock appearance while delivering a far from stock output!

  • Quantity - 2 Bulbs  + 2 Resistors
  • Fits Sizes - 7443, 7444, 7440
  • Wattage - 15 Watts 
  • CANBUS - Fully integrated CANBUS (works on 95% of vehicles) 
  • Fitments - Signal, Marker, Brake, Tail 
  • Length - 2.32in / 59mm 
  • Diameter - 0.79in / 20mm
  • Intensity - 1000 Lumens Each 

Rest Assured You're Covered

Many of our products come with a limited lifetime warranty! If our limited lifetime warranty is not listed it comes with our minimum 1 year warranty! We don't make you ship back the old bulb.We know your time is valuable. We don't want to ask you to waste it driving to the post office. Have a warranty issue? Contact our daily customer service and we'll get you taken care of!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Marcus Williams (Houston, US)
Bought but didn’t need.

I purchased those because I had bought the reverse leds, cargo & license plate lights. Back end is really bright now. Purchased the brakes lights just to add to more brightness but turns out I didn’t need them after all. Reached out to company to send back for refund & they’re doing a refund with no hesitation.

Sam Reisenweber (Warrenton, US)

RED Brake Lights Set of (4) 7443 (Error Free + Resistors)

Bud Mogomery (Black Mountain, US)
Bright RED light

Got these for my truck and they work great! People know I am stopping now for sure! Great customer service and really FAST shipping! Easy install as well. Would recommend 👍👍

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