VR Mirror Blinker Switchbacks GEN 2 (2008-2016)

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We have incorporated everything our customers liked about our Gen 1 VR Mirror Switchbacks and fixed everything they didn't like to create our Gen 2 VR Mirror Switchback Blinkers


*Includes both the Right & Left sides*


⁃ First, we have added a sequential feature. This allows the yellow light to blink slowly in a sequential motion when it switches to the blinker. Please see video above for reference. ⁃ We have improved the fit to allow for easier installation that is now the same as OEM, so lights now clip in with ease!


⁃ We’ve improved the electrical connection with our new Gen 2 kit, which has connections covered with metal copper to prevent any of the connection issues our previous Gen 1 kit had.


⁃ We've ditched the single row of LEDs and put in 3 rows of LEDs! This makes them much brighter for a better overall look!


⁃ We’ve changed the outer texture of the lights. Our Gen 1 kit was gloss black. We have designed our Gen 2 kit so that the outer part of the blinker, the part that does not contain LEDs, matches the texture and color of the mirror on your 2008-2016 F250/350/450. This makes for much cleaner OEM look!


These function as a switchback. This means that while in running light mode the housing will be illuminated WHITE, and when the blinker is switched on the light will be flashing YELLOW in a sequential manner.


These are ERRROR FREE AND WILL NOT HYPER-FLASH as they have built in resistors to prevent this!


Quantity - Includes both Left and Right Mirror Housings 

Finish - Speckled black finish (made to exactly match the texture of your OEM Mirror)

Switchback Function - 6000K White Color for (running light) 3000K Yellow for (blinker)

Sequential Function - Flashes beginning from the inside and goes outwards in a sequential sweep

Customer Reviews

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Dillon Favuzza

VR Mirror Blinker Switchbacks GEN 2 (2008-2016)

Robert Davis
Great product

Really good quality and look great very happy

Stephen Aebly

works and looks great

Brody Kalinen

VR Mirror Blinker Switchbacks GEN 2 (2008-2016)

Philippe Adam

VR Mirror Blinker Switchbacks GEN 2 (2008-2016)