7440 LumX-FC (Reverse)

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Fan Cooled Technology in a replacement bulb!  

(Sold as set of 2 Bulbs)


LumX has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to external LED bulbs. While other manufacturers focus on headlight bulbs, we're trying to create extremely bright, efficient replacement bulbs for other applications. 


The LumX FC series is the latest example of this push. We packed 50 separate EMC LED chips onto this one bulb! This creates a staggering 2000 Lumens PER BULB! This would not be possible without an efficient cooling method. For this we designed, from what we've seen, to be one of the first reverse lights with a built-in electronic fan to cool the bulb! 


There are certain applications where our normal heat sink cooled reverse light set will not work. For those applications we've created the FC series! "Fan Cooled"


This creates an extremely universal bulb that will work on any application where the socket fits! 


Bulb plugs into a circuit base? ☑️

Vehicle have blind spot monitoring? ☑️

Long as its a 7440 base, this bulb will fit ☑️



Socket Type - 7440 7444NA, 7443, 7443ST, 7443LL  

Cooling Method - LED's cooled by electric fan mounted on top of bulb

Fully Integrated CanBus - ERROR FREE (Will not cause error messages on dashboard or flicker)

Lumens - 2000 Lumens Per Bulb 

Color - 6000K Pure White (No Blue Tint)

LED Chips  - EMC-2016

Warranty - 1 Year 

Voltage - DC 9V-20V

Lifespan - 30,000 Hours


Power - 21.6~28.8W

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Logan Carney
Money well spent!

The reverse lights are insanely bright! My windows have a dark tint on them and I can still see just fine with them to back up at night with the windows up.

William Ruane
Rear lights

Love the lights. Just wish I can talk to a person interested of email would have solved getting the right lights the first time instead of sending back a waiting. Thank you bill

James Kurowski

I need to exchange, they don’t seem to fit my 2006 Dodge Ram 2500?
Please send me info on how to do so
Thank you

Joe Russo
Neighbor lit up my drive

While I was out plowing snow up here in Northern Wisconsin, my neighbor stopped by with his plow truck and we spoke for a few minutes. He went to leave and put his truck in reverse and I said, "hold on a minute". I walked to the back of his truck and saw how the whole area was well lit and he did not have a light bar attached to his tailgate. He turned me on to "dieselleds". I ordered a set for my 2002 Dodge Ram plow truck that is in perfect condition with only 40 K miles. The fitment was perfect. My major issue was removing my tail light assembly on a truck that is 20 years old and also doing it in 10° weather. I was extremely careful and that is what took the greatest amount of time in trying not to break any of those plastic components. We have a major storm up here right now and I will be out this evening. I feel these back up lights will make a major difference in my ability to see behind my truck. Mainly they're at the correct level down low, even with the tailgate. This is where I need the light when plowing. The box will not be lit up. Time will tell how long they last but I am extremely satisfied with the 2000 lm per bulb lighting situation. Also, I emailed Dieselleds about the fitment related to my truck. They got right back to me and assured the fitment related to OEM sockets. I appreciated their response prior to my order.

Lee Rogers

Super bright, have these on 2 vehicles. Helps out backing up at night.