Lumenex 3rd Brake Light (RED 600 Lumens)

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Our customers have asked for a 3rd brake light bulb as long as we've been in business, however we didn't want to offer one until it  matched the cargo light bulbs as well. Well since we've upgraded our cargo lights we now have a matching 3rd brake light bulb with the 800 Lumen Lumenex RED 3rd Brake Light Bulb!


 Benefits to a LED 3rd Brake Light Bulb 

1.) The Lumenex 3rd Brake Light Bulb is about 3X's brighter than the stock bulb so vastly increases the visibility of the 3rd Brake Light on your vehicle 

2.) LED bulbs light to 100% brightness as soon as there is power to them. Halogen bulbs have a slight delay in time to before they're at 100% brightness. This makes the LED a much more immediate way to notify the driver behind you that you've hit your brakes.

3.) The Lumenex 3rd Brake Light is a true "Red" color. This is because the third brake light is a red plastic housing that has a yellowish halogen bulb behind it. Our Lumenex 3rd brake light is red in color, so when you have a red bulb, behind a red plastic housing it makes it pure red in color. Unlike the orange/red color of the stock 3rd brake light. 

  • Features

  • - 800 Lumen Bulb (Quantity 1) 

  • - Premium Socket Connections

  • - Heat Dissipating Design 


  • Specs 

  • 1.) Power 30 Watts

  • 2.) LED Quantity 16

  • 3.) Voltage: DC9V-30V

  • 4.) Current: 320+-20mA

  • 5.) Beam Angle 320 Degrees

  • 6.) Lumens 800 

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