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Solves the issue LED Blinkers have had since day one.

LEDs have always had one big issue when it came to using them in a blinker application, they Hyper-Flash. This is because LEDs do not create enough resistance to show the vehicle that there is a working bulb there. So the vehicle causes the blinker to flash rapidly which can be extremely annoying.


The Lumenex Switchback Bulbs solve this issue with their built in resistor. This means this bulb is 100% Plug and Play. We've designed it this way because we know that no one wants to splice into wires and install a cheap resistor on their new or used vehicle.


Switchback Function

These Switchback Bulbs are meant to be used in an application where the front running light, and the blinker is the same bulb (they function like this on most all trucks) Switchback Bulbs functions as follows. When the running light is on the bulb is illuminated white. When you engage the blinker, the bulb begins to flash yellow. When you disengage the blinker it returns to its pure white color. This makes the front end of you vehicle look a lot cleaner, with a modern all white (when coupled with LED headlights) look without any amber colored lights. 


These will still work on vehicles that use the front bulb only as the blinker ONLY 

If your front blinker functions ONLY as a blinker and not as the running light and the blinker. This Switchback Kit will still work for you. HOWEVER only the yellow blinker function will work on this style application. But it will still work on that application. This is because the vehicle is not set up to give power to the tabs that illuminate the white running light part.


Bulb Size - (3157)

Quantity - 2 Bulbs (Pair)

Running Light Color - 6000K Cool White

Blinker Color - 3000K Yellow

Wattage - 24 Watts

Length - 2.32in / 59mm

Lumens Running Light - 1200 Lumens (white)

Lumens Blinker - 800 Lumens (Yellow)

Customer Reviews

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Lawnmower SVC
Brake and Turn Signal

Super bright but need led flasher to keep from hyper flashing

Hunter Everhart

Best led’s ever put in my truck!! Its a light show when nightfall come’s


I bought the 3157 Switch-Back set of bulbs for my 2010 Jeep Wrangler Sport. They work as promised! No hyper flash, very bright and they also double as my front running lights. They initially looked way too long to fit in the socket, but that was NOT the case. It took me less than 10 minutes to install. They fit perfectly. Super fast shipping, reasonably priced, A+++++

***Be aware that it matters how you put them in the socket. If you get a hyper-flash signal, that is a clear indication that you put them in backwards. Simply turn them around in the socket and they'll operate properly***

Nathan Boone

Worked perfect brighter than expected

Samuel Martinez

The bulbs are great and flash well, really update the front end of the truck. I was having issues with hyperflashing only due to having aftermarket headlight housings with led running lights. I contacted diesel leds and they offered to ship out additional resistors no questions asked. Got the resistors installed and they work perfectly.