Lumenex Switchback Set (3157)

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Do you enjoy splicing wires and using cheap connectors to attach a resistor to prevent Hyper-Flash on your Switchback LED Turn Signal Bulbs?

Neither Do We!!


Hyper-Flash: Hyper-Flash is when the blinker blinks at a faster pace than normal because it thinks the bulb is out. Our Lumenex Kit has the resistor built  into each bulb to ensure that this does not happen.

100% Can-bus

Pure White Running Light, Yellow turn signal 


We're excited to introduce the NEW Lumenex Switchback LED Turn Signal Set. This set is the first of its design in the Switchback LED market.  

All other Switchback Turn Signals you see on the market require a 6 Ohm Resistor to be spliced in the turn signal wire and the ground wire in order to prevent the blinker from flashing twice as fast as it did before. This is because when low voltage LED bulb is installed the vehicle thinks the bulb is out, even when its working fine. 

Our Lumenex Switchback LED Turn Signal Kit fixes all of that! The Lumenex Kit is EXTREMELY easy to install, simply remove the old bulb, and plug in your new Lumenex Switchback Bulbs. Easy as that! 

- This kit will fit all make and model trucks. All Trucks use a 3156 Running light/ Blinker. The only exceptions to this is if you have a  newer truck that has a OEM Turn signal. Examples of this would be newer F150's with OEM LED headlights or newer Laramie Trim Level Rams. 

- 6000K Cool White Running Light Color 

- 3000K Yellow Turn Signal Color 

- Bulb Size is 3156 


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Fog lights

Work better then expected, highly recommend!