LumX Ram Headlight Package (2019-2022) (NON OEM LED)

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Save 17% when ordering the package deal vs ordering individually 

Package Deal for 2019-2022

1500/2500/3500 RAM Without OEM LED Headlights

** 5th Gen Body Style**

This set includes everything you need to successfully convert your Ram with Projector Headlights to LED without any bulb out errors or flickering.

This Kit is meant for the following Trim Level 2019+ Ram Trucks
(Big Horn)




With the LumX LED Set you're getting all the technology of some of the leading LED sets in the market, at about 60% of the price! Don't believe us? Give them a try and if you don't love them simply send them back to us with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


The new LumX forward lighting LED set utilizes the latest automotive grade multi-core LED Chip technology to create a focused beam pattern that, unlike a lot of LED kits on the market today, actually allows you to see much farther down the road.  Don't be fooled by high lumen claims, as this is hardly what matters when it comes to a quality forward lighting bulb. What matters is the ability of the bulb to create a powerful, focused beam of light that originates as close to the original OEM source as possible. With the LumX Set, the chips check all the boxes. 


Don't be fooled by high lumen claims, the LumX Sets cost more to produce than most the cheaper LED headlight sets sell for on amazon. 



When it came to the LumX Set's footprint we wanted to ensure that it would fit in at least 95% of vehicles. So we designed it to have a smaller footprint than its predecessor. Which sold 10's of thousands sets. And rarely ever had an issue with being too bulky to install on a specific vehicle. So, rest assured this set will fit your applications.

Dust cover? ☑️

Engine bay parts close to the bulb? ☑️


When installing LED bulb positioning is CRITICAL, although our sets are adjustable 360 degrees. We preset them so that when you install it, 9 times out of 10 it should already be exactly how you need it positioned. Making the installation of these plug and play bulbs, that much easier for you. 



It can be hard to tell from the photos, but practically every part of this bulb is constructed from aluminum. No cheap plastic parts that are going to brake as soon as you install them and make you take the time out you day to send us an email. 

Bulb housing, aluminum ☑️

Retaining collar, aluminum ☑️

Fan housing, aluminum ☑️ 

We utilize a dual ball cooling fan, not only does this make the fan more resistant to water and dust. But it also creates a super quite bulb that isn't going to annoy you from hearing the fan run while you're parked. This was a common complaint on its predecessor that we were sure to address. 




• Quantity (2,4 or 6 Bulbs) Depending on package selected 

• Output 3,900LM actual output (per bulb) Compare to a 35W HID

• Adjustable Focus, Unlimited Adjustability 

• Beam Angle 360 Degrees

• 6000K color temperature

• Molded Plug Fits perfectly into factory connectors

• Voltage DC 9V-32V

• Waterproof Driver and connectors level IP68

• Lifespan More than 30,000 hrs in 25°C ambient

• Color Silver • Material Aviation Aluminum and Red Copper

• Certificate CE, RoHS

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
2019 Ram 3500

Replaced low and high beam headlights as well as reverse lights on my 2019 Ram 3500. Fairly straightforward replacement on headlights. Struggled a bit on driver's side low beam due to lack of hand space. Reverse lights are 2 minute job. Lights are extremely bright. 100% happy with these lights so far.

Brian Boehnlein
2019 Ram 1 ton

I just recently had time to install my new lights. I am pleased with how they work. They area huge improvement from the factory. The instructions for install were very good. My drivers side fog light that was flickering the other day. I took the connection apart and put some contact grease in it and put it back together. It seams to be ok. I have not used it much yet. All and all you have a good product.

Jared Spear

This is my second set of Diesel LED Headlights. Absolutely amazing. Opposing drivers are pissed 100% of the time, I can definitely see. Living in the country, driving on avg 1,000-1,200 miles a week and hunting off grid in remote areas being able to see what’s coming is important. There’s not another LED headlight that compares!!

Collin Parriette
Great lights

Really enjoying the lights, but installation was difficult. One of the lock rings set screw was loose and did not properly tighten up when installing the first time. I thought it was right and it ultimately allowed moisture in the light fixture. After removing and drying the light out, I then reset the screw on the lock ring and reinstalled. That was the only issue I had, so I would suggest to anyone that you use the Allen wrench and tighten to make sure it’s right prior to installation. Other than that, excellent product. Would recommend to anyone.

Paulo Faria

Still waiting for for the order