(3156/3157) Ultra-B LED Reverse Light Kit

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The Ultra-B Reverse Light Set is our newest addition and we're glad to be able to offer them!

Sold as set of 2 Bulbs 

- Not like the rest of the pack

Although they may look similar to other LED Bulbs you've seen you'll quickly notice a difference when you feel the weight these bulbs have to them. Packed with 135 LED's on one bulb!

- Brightness and Features 

The excellent heat distribution allows the 135 LED's on the Ultra-B Bulb to produce 3000 Lumens Combined! The Ultra-B Bulbs preform more effectively on vehicles with vertical facing bulbs with the projection lens on the top of the bulb increasing the penetrating distance 3X's more than bulbs without them!

- Reasons to choose the Ultra-B Kit over the Lumenex Kit 

Other then being slightly brighter, there are two main factors that would make the Ultra-B Kit a better choice for your vehicle. 

#1 Some vehicles have boards that the bulbs install into, then the board is installed onto the tail light housing. These applications require that the bulb plug directly into the socket. The Ultra-B Bulbs are perfect for this application because they install just like stock bulbs!

#2 The Ultra-B bulbs would preform better for you would be that you have a tail light housing in which the bulb is positioned vertically. This accounts for most tail light designs, this positioning will enable you to get the most out of the Ultra-B bulbs design with the projector lens on top of the bulb adding incredible depth to your reverse visibility. 

100% CanBus Compatible!!! These bulbs will not only not cause bulb out errors, but they can even be used as turn signals without hyper flash!

90% off the LED Bulbs on the market are between 7-8 Watts. The Ultra-B Bulbs are 18 Watts!!! This means there's no error problem for the OBC and the bulbs could function properly as turn signal bulbs. 



Base - 3156/3157 

Color Available - White 

Voltage - 10V-30V

Electric Current - 1700mA +- 100mA

Warranty - 12 Months 

Non-Polarity - Yes

Lumens - 1500 Lumens Per/Bulb 

CAN-BUS - 18 Watt Super CANBus