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(Sold As Set Of 2 Bulbs)


Introduction: The Lumenex Reverse Light Kit is the brightest LED Reverse Light Option on the market today! Coming in at a staggering 2100 Lumens of output, puts these nearly as bright as stock halogen headlights (which are around 2300 Lumens) So when our customers say these are like having headlights in your tail lights, we reply, Almost! You can easily tell these reverse lights mean business with a glance at the huge heat sink built into the back of the bulb to efficiently cool the bulb, this is crucial for maximum life expectancy. But don't worry about them being too hot for your tail light housings. Because although they have a the large heat sink its just to keep the LED's as cool as possible. The kit will never get as hot as your stock OEM Halogen bulbs.


Don't Mistake!: Don't Mistake our 2100 Lumen Claim with the far fetched claims some other manufactures claim. These kits produce a true 2100 usable lumens of light output putting them close to the output rating of your stock halogen headlight bulbs!


Installation: The Lumenex Reverse Light Kits are extremely easy to install! Completely Plug and Play just like the OEM bulbs are, however instead of using the conventional twist lock that the OEM bulb does, these kits have a built in rubber grommet that allows you to position the bulb anywhere 360 degrees within the housing in order to get the best possible light beam while also ensuring a water tight seal! Materials: They're built using high quality aluminum and copper materials. It features a full aluminum build with the extremely rigid heat sink and a high quality rubber grommet that will resists any erosion or tears.


Fully Integrated CanBus - ERROR FREE (Will not cause error messages on dashboard or flicker)

Color - 6000K Pure White (No Blue Tint)

Warranty - 1 Year 

Application - Reverse/Back Up Lights

Voltage - DC 9V-16V

Months Lifespan - 30,000 Hours

Power - 45w

Lumens -1050 Per Bulb 

LED Chips  - CPS9X

Customer Reviews

Based on 815 reviews
allen brown
Amazing Lights

Better than any I’ve had before. I did my entire F150 in Dieselleds. Headlights, fog lights, backup, tail/brake, side marker, cargo, and interior lights. I would recommend these lights to anyone that would like to see, or be seen in the dark.

Chris Mills
Worth the money!!!

I like most of you got the led lights from autozone.... complete crap these reverse lights and the cargo lights are on a hole new level!!! My back windows are limo tint over stock and at night I can actually see behind me. The cargo lights as well you could find a needle in a hay stack in your bed lol. Great lights love them will be buying more for my truck soon!

James Epstein
Lights didn’t work

The lights didn’t work, i tried to put them in, in either direction and they didn’t turn on when i put the truck in reverse, the bulbs i took out right before worked and after they didn’t work i took the old ones and put them back in and they worked

Ty Estay
Best reverse lights.

Put these in my 06 cat eye and they are super bright! Would recommend to anyone!

Al Brotons
Great product

Got them fast and used them immediately with no issues installing them