Lumenex 3rd Brake Light (RED 600 Lumens)

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Created From Customer Demand

Our customers have asked for a 3rd brake light bulb as long as we've been in business, however we didn't want to offer one until it met the following two criteria.

1.) It coudn't cause bulb our errors (Most Non CanBus LEDs will cause brake light out error messages on the dash)   THIS BULB WILL NOT

2.) It had to match the cargo lights, and since we now offer the Lumenex Cargo Lights this is the same bulb just in RED!


Reasons To Upgrade Your 3rd Brake Light 

1.) At 600 Lumens the Lumenex Bulb is a SIGNIFICANT upgrade in light output from the stock 3rd Brake Light. This significantly improves safety by making it easier for drivers to see when you brake.

2.) LED bulbs come on IMMEDIATELY when there is power to them. Unlike the stock halogen bulbs that come on quickly but gradually. The immediate brightness of the LED bulb will help even more to signal to drivers that you have hit your brakes.

3.) It makes it a true RED Color. The stock bulb is a yellowish bulb behind a red plastic lens. This is a RED bulb behind a RED lens. So it will create a true modern red look. 



We've incased the bulbs in a chrome housing so that the bulb blends right in with the cargo light housing, this way you don't have the unsightly look of an aftermarket bulb in your cargo housing. It retains the stock appearance while delivering a far from stock output!



 - 600 Lumens

- Premium Socket Connections

- Heat Dissipating Caseing

- 1 Year Warranty

- Chrome Casing (To Blend In With Cargo Housing)


Design Specs

 1.) Power - 24 Watts

2.) LED Quantity - 16 Chips

3.) Voltage - DC9V-30V

4.) Current - 320+-20mA

5.) Beam Angle - 320 Degrees

6.) Lumens - 600

7.) Length - 2.32in / 59mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Andrew Taylor
Highly recommended

All of the lights I have purchased from Diesel LED’s have been wonderful. From the back up lights in both my truck and the family suv, to the cargo and 3rd brake lights, all have performed perfectly and certainly served their purpose well.

Anthony Kril
Super Bright 3rd Brake light

Read the reviews and wanted to give it a shot and wow what a great Replacement LED bulb super bright and would Definitely Recommend this to anyone wanting to upgrade their bulbs and was worrying if it was going to work on my 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 and honestly I would say definitely buy well worth the money….Just ordered the two cargo bulbs and waiting for them to arrive any day

D. Jones
3rd Brake Light

Great product and is exactly what I was looking for.

Richard Lacewell
Bright lights for safety

This red 3rd brake light is definitely an eye catcher due to it being a true red light and not a clear bulb behind a red lens. It definitely catches the person behind the vehicles attention.

Perry Knight

Hello to everyone.
I have a 2015 F 250and converter all of my exterior lights,including the mirror lights/turn signal to LED'from dieselled products.
This was the absolute best thing I could have done because these lights are so much brighter than stock lights. The quality in their products are much better than others because I had used other brands,and there's no comparison.